Lazarus Bed: stuck at loading screen
ID: 963Status: FIXEDVersion: N/AReport Date: September 26, 2022Product: Penkura Midway Branch

Started a new game after the big patch (took the chance because my buildings of the base also weren’t visible as someone else mentioned). At the start where you have to get the key at Doctor Januszkiewicz’s room. There’s a problem if you don’t exactly do the things in the order of the quest. If you went to Januszkiewicz’s room to get the key before the A.I. asked you to then you will be stuck: When I lay down in the “Bio-Reconstruction Chamber” in the Medbay at Lazarus I’m stuck at the loading screen “Synchronizing” and “Initalizing Neurocore A…” and the blue ball is moving but still nothing is happening. So, if you lay down in the Lazarus bed the game should react to: 1) you opened the MedBay because you know the key from previous savegame (or you went to Dr. Januskiewiecz’s room before it was meant to be) or 2) you didn’t meet the A.I. and therefore there is no meaning in laying down in the bed

Development Comment:
Thank you for the detailed explanation, I’m currently working on this issue, and will send the fix as soon as possible.

Development Comment #2:
We discovered that the error with the game hanging on the loading screen was related to the newer version of the Engine we transfer the project on, we believe that it’s entirely fixed with the new game updated but cannot guarantee it if by any chance this error (being stuck in the loading screen) reappears please inform us as soon as possible.