Developer:LionsArt (Based in Poland)


 Sci-Fi / First-Person Survivor / RTS. 

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Travel to a new world through an ancient singularity, establish your base using a classical top-down RTS system, take full control over your bots, build equipment, and explore in first-person ancient civilizations for answers while trying to survive the unknown dangers on this alien planet. Welcome to a universe where the mind has defeated death.

Penkura Trailer:


Deep beneath Antarctic ice, a Polish research team discovers an ancient temple that appeared to be a gateway to a new world. 
The idea to migrate mankind to a new planet was a blessing for an overpopulated and devastated Earth.
Project “Gemini” was created, and for 41 years, brave souls traveled through the temple’s singularity.

Suddenly the colony sends a horrific message that halts the entire operation.
After losing communication with the New World, Gemini sends a group of mercenaries, to find out what happened and reestablish the connection.

You are one of those mercenaries.

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◈ Base creation using classical RTS top-down view. 
◈ Give orders or take full control of bots.
◈ Explore the alien world of Karenos.
◈ Discover ancient temples and artifacts.
◈ Craft components, tools, and weapons.  

Planned Features:
◈ Custom adjustable by players scenarios.
◈ Co-op system.

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About LionsArt:

LionsArt is a small Polish independent team based in Poland, currently with two members:

Jan “Lionard” Ludwikowski

Project Director, Game Designer, Programmer, System Designer, 3d Developer, Story Writer, Level Designer, Visual Effect Artist, Public Relations, Web.

Agata “Mirvena” Jurewicz

Concept Artist, Animator, Tech Artist, Character Artist, Art Designer, 3d Developer, Dialogue Editor.

Logo & Icons:
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