Platforms: PC

Genre: First-Person role-play, Strategy

Languages: English (Currently in development: Polish)

Availability: Digital Download


Penkura is an experience that combines the wonderful worlds of real-time strategy and first-person exploration. Easy to pick up but hard to master, Penkura utilizes classic death mechanics that leave you without your equipment each time you perish. For this reason, you are able to construct your own robotic companions to help you build bases, gather resources and protect your settlement.

It encourages players to choose from a variety of approaches through which to complete their goals. Players will find themselves becoming an expert in areas entirely of their choosing. The intention is that, when co-op is unveiled, players will find that the interaction of their unique skillsets with those of their peers creates capable and rewarding team gameplay.

Penkura offers buildings, machines, bots and items for you to construct. Most of it is made with the “MMC” (Molecular Matter Converter) or through “CCC” (Command Control Communication), which provides a top-down camera similar to that of classic RTS games. Should you desire, you can take control of your own intrepid bot to scout out a potentially hazardous environment or repair your base without stepping outside of the safety of your home. This is only the beginning of CCC potential; the rest is in your hands.

Penkura’s crafting and base construction systems are made with co-op already in mind. Before its final release, you’ll be able to cooperate with other players to create huge, complex sets of items and stations that would normally take more than twice as long to put together.


Deep beneath Antarctic ice, a Polish research team discovered an ancient temple that appeared to be a gateway to a fascinating new world. 
The idea to migrate mankind to a new planet was a blessing for an overpopulated and devastated Earth.

Project “Gemini” was launched to colonize the new world. For 41 years, brave men and women traveled through the temple’s singularity. But one day, for reasons unknown, contact with the other side was severed.
To learn what had happened in the world beyond, a group of mercenaries was tasked with traveling through the unstable gateway.

You are one of those mercenaries. Survive, and seek answers.


Jan “Lionard” Ludwikowski

Project Director, Game Designer, Programmer, System Designer, 3d Developer, Story Writer, Level Designer, Visual Effect Artist, Public Relations, Web.

Agata “Mirvena” Jurewicz

Concept Artist, Animator, Tech Artist, Character Artist, Art Designer, 3d Developer, Dialogue Editor.

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