Blue-Repo activate and deactivate
ID: 711Status: FIXEDVersion: N/AReport Date: December 19, 2021Product: Penkura Midway Branch

My Blue-Repo at my starter base is activated – go to the satelite communication base – deactivate there the Blue-Repo. Go back to your starter base and look into the Blue-Repo – it is also deactivated. Penkura Midway Branch 0.2.0 MW 6.2

Development Comment:
Thank you for the report. Found the problem, I’m in the process of fixing it.
Repairing the problem required rewriting a major part of the Blueprint Repository, but now it should run faster, be more user-friendly, and most of all fixed of all the known issues. Fix will be available in 0.2.0 MW 9.3.