Whole in the floor falling through

I am in the tunnel (tube) between first base and Satelite communication base. At the beginning of this tunnel I turned left, there is a small place with boxes. Go beside the boxes on the right side. At the right side from the second box there is an ivisible whole in the floor where you can fall through. When you pass this whole you can see Penkure from an lower level 😉

Penkura Midway Branch 0.2.0 MW 5

Development Comment:
Thank you for the report, collision is fixed and will be available in Penkura MW 6.1, an incredible find.

Glitch through the wall

In the Gemini Temple arrival zone after teleportation in that room there is one door frame and at the opposite there is a round plate at the floor – left to this round plate (at around 11 o’clock) you can look through the outside wall and see the colourful teleport (or wormwhole) sequence.

Development Comment:
Fixed it will be added to the fix for tomorrow’s patch. Amazing that you found this, really good exploration. 


When moving the camera around quickly with the MPS (might happen for other equippable items, not tested yet), there is an afterimage left behind as you turn the camera. Also noticed on your arm when trying to sleep in the Lazarus bed after waking up for the first time.

Development Comment:

This issue is connected with the Unreal Engine older version of Anti-Aliasing. For the moment, we cannot do anything to fix this issue, without removing other graphical issues, Epic Games will provide a newer improved version of Anti-Aliasing in Unreal Engine 5 which we will move to as soon as it is available.

We have improved Anti-Aliasing with another layer of per-frame object correction, which limits ghosting to the (till update to Unreal Engine 5) minimum.
We will get back to this issue after moving to UE5.

Scrolling the SDS screen

When scrolling up and down when using the SDS, text becomes very difficult to read and is somewhat hard on the eyes, especially if you are reading long paragraphs.

Development Comment:

This is the same issue as with ghosting (anti-aliasing) for the moment this can’t be fixed till a newer updated version of anti-aliasing is available in the Unreal Engine 5.
In the meantime, we will add a possible solution to the problem, by removing the scroll and adding the switch page function.
Navigation will be a little bit harder but it will much easier on the eyes.

Update: We were able to create our own Anti Aliasing system that works only on 3d UI, it should stabilize text when scrolling. The solution is not yet fully developed but it’s much better than what it was by default, for the moment this issue will be treated as resolved till Unreal Engine 5 with new AA is available. 

Texture and model issues

When talking to the Neurocore in Base 4 before entering the Lazarus bay, a set of computers and monitors in the room disappear when you move too far away from them.

Development Comment:

Fixed, will be available in the upcoming patch 0.1.9.