Stuck at Storyline part 2 I build up the 6 solar panels and the 3 energy storages – i was waiting for the 100k Power – I spoke to Sara and started the power surge – I entered the conversation to Sara in following way: 1 – I am ready to do it …. 1 Sara! 1 1 1 1 2 3 4 Sara did not speak anymore and I can not click anything – nothing happens – I can not exit this situation – in the archive you can see what i have clicked and this is still alive – i have to stop and reload the game Penkura Midway build V 0.2.0 MW10

Development Comment:
Thank you for the report Ferlione, fixed, fix will appear in update 10.1.

Can not continue storyline.

Sara will not talk to me about Rail station gate being locked

Development Comment:
Hello Raziel, MonoRail Station mission and dialogs around it will be added after the upcoming patch. The upcoming patch is about Med-Center, and the patch after it is MonoRail Station Mission, Dialogs, and a new game function. Patches after that will allow players to use the MonoRail Station to explore new zones. I will mark this as INPROGRESS and switch it to FIXED when the patch with new dialogs and mission is released. 

Avast Antivir always check Penkura-Win64-Shipping.exe after upgrade

It happens now the second or third time. After update and first start from Penkura, my Avast Antivir will check the Penkura-Win64-Shipping.exe dedected by “CyberCapture”. I can click exit at my antivir and the game runs normal. Penkura Midway build V0.2.0 MW 10

Development Comment:
Thank you for the report Ferlione. Indeed I heard from other devs that some Unity, Unreal, and Godot games provide this error, I will look into this but can’t say what I can do on my side to fix this. 

Save game when it should not be possible

You can save you game in situation where it should be not possible – start game – for this example i use the situation in front of the tram – the character stays in front of the opened door from the tram – press escape and select \”save neurocore – press escape again and enter the tram – the door is closing and the tram starts – press escape – save neurocore is grey and there is some text \”special events detected. Cant save at this moment\” – but you can save because the save window is visible. You can make strange things when you save the game in such situations 😉 This works in all \”special event\” situations. Penkura Midway Branch 0.2.0 MW 9.22

Development Comment:
Thank you for the report Ferlione. I fix it and a few other ways of going around this. It will be available in Midway Branch 9.23.

Start new game is not working anymore

Start a brand new game – select begin at the Early Access Warning – end the intro – walk outside the truck in front of the elevator and save the game – load the saved game – press escape and Exit to Menu without saving again. Start a brand new game – select begin at the Early Access Warning – the last loaded game will start!! This happens until you restart the whole game. Penkura Midway Branch 0.2.0 MW 9.22

Development Comment:
Thank you for the report. Looking into this.
Problem fixed, it will be available in Midway 9.23.

Stuck in story dialogue This storyline dialogue does not appear to progress any further, and I cannot leave it by pressing esc, F, or any number keys (I tried 1 2 3 4 and so on in case of hidden dialogue options). It is not possible to save in this circumstance so I cannot see if saving and loading would fix it, and will have to resume from an earlier point instead.

Development Comment:
Thank you for the report.
Fixed, the patch should be available on Midway in about 20 minutes. 

Stuck inside a rock

In the starting area near the crashed robot I saw some rocks that looked like I could climb them, but when I jumped on one I fell through it and cannot get out.

Development Comment:
Thank you for the report, I tested out the location, and it seems to be already fixed on the Midway Branch. Just in case I will double-check collisions of other rock formations to make sure they don’t have any holes in their collisions. I will also add untuck function in the near future to mitigate the problem in case it will appear again.  I’m providing a link on how to access the Midway Branch if you want to test out that version (your save files should work without any problems there, so there is no need of starting from scratch).
Once again thank you for the report.

Steam Community :: Guide :: How to access Midway Branch of Penkura

Fixing position is diplayed and you where set to the temple

Start afresh game – take the elevator down – the door is open – at the left there is the control panel from the elevator – press c to “crouch” and go into the corner from the control panel – look up and press F – you will be teleported to the temple with the message “fixing position ……” Penkura Midway Branch 0.2.0 MW 8

Development Comment:
Thank you for the report, I have to admit that is one of the coolest bugs found in Penkura, that lead to fixing other things. Fix will be available in MW 9.

Escape menu during intro

Start a new game – you see the Syncronizing picture – when this is loaded the the screen is slowly fading in from black to the transporter with the chief – when the scene is fading in press two times escape – you have now the intro and the menu at the left side – you can not continoue the story – you can only click buttons from escape menu. It is a bit tricky to reproduce but it is there. Penkura Midway Branch 0.2.0 MW 8

Development Comment:
Thank you for the report, you can still continue the story as dialog can be used with numeric keys (1,2,3….9), but the system was nonetheless improved. From now on, main menu will be turn off by default at the start of the dialog, BUT the player is still able to activate it, in case he wants to exit the game mid-dialog, load the game, or change options, he can than press ESC again to go back to the dialog. This change will be available in Penkura 0.2.0 Midway 9. 

Negative inventory weight and negative item stack count

Hello, I think it happened while transferring an item from crafting table into my inventory. Next time I opened MMS storage, it showed there is 65x solid construction – but I didn’t build that. When I tried to move it to my inventory, I received x-65 solid construction. I realized that the inventory in MMS was vastly overcrowded (1660/500) and I realized that if I drop its storage below maximum and then move negative items back – it fixes its storage, but my own remained messed up. I managed to mess up CATS inventory same way, and repair it same way. The only way to fix my own inventory was to kill myself.

Development Comment:
Thank you for the report, I need to double-check if the same error appears in Midway, as inventory was drastically changed in Midway.

After long experimentation, I was unable to duplicate the error. Just in case I wrote a small security system into all systems that are connected to Storage/Inventory, to clean it from any possible errors of this nature. The fix will appear in Midway Brach 0.2.0 MW 9. Once again thank you for the report.