game does not start

Hello. The game does not start, a message pops up: the entry point for the CreateDXGIFactory2 procedure was not found in the dxgi.dll library.
I have win7, directx 11 (dxdiag does not report any problems), firewall (HIPS) or antivirus are not blocking the game.



Development Comment:

This is a known issue with the Unreal Engine 4.25, (appearing in some versions of Windows 7) I’m already contacting the Epic Games for the assistance with this bug.
Our own solution to the problem will be released in a few hours hopefully fixing this issue.  

No sound

I just bought Penkura on Steam but when I launch it, I don’t have any sound. I don’t have any sound issues aside from this game.

Development Comment:

An email with questions regarding this error was sent. (Awaiting more data).

Mouse sensitivity somehow linked to FPS?

Locking frame rate to different values will result in huge changes to the mouse’s sensitivity – lower FPS => more sensitive mouse.

Development Comment:

We were able to decouple all movement inputs from the frame rate, not only from the mouse but also from the keyboard. The game will no longer take frame rate into account when changing player position and mouse input. Fix will be available in patch, thank you for the report.

Losing resouces

when dismantling base parts i don’t get back some or any of the stuff used to make the base part and there needs to be a way to move items from char easier like holding shift and left click to transfer items


Development Comment:

Swift item transfer is already available ( middle mouse button is used to swiftly move items between two storages ).  Instruction/Information icon will be added to the Inventory to provide more information on all the functions available. 

Dematerialization system provides 50 % resources back to the owner (located in the first available main storage “C.A.T” or “Storage building”) if all storages are full, resources will be lost. In the near future player will be able to upgrade Construction bot, to dematerialize buildings with better efficiency.