RTS Base Construction: Snap Point not reappearing

I really like to plan my base far ahead but if I delete a module or a building the blue “snap point” from the previos module is not reappearing. Only saving and loading this save is getting the snap points back. (Restarting game is NOT necessary.)

Development Comment:
Thank you for the report, already working on fixing it.

Development Comment:
Fixed, once again thank you for the report.

Lazarus Bed: stuck at loading screen

Started a new game after the big patch (took the chance because my buildings of the base also weren’t visible as someone else mentioned). At the start where you have to get the key at Doctor Januszkiewicz’s room. There’s a problem if you don’t exactly do the things in the order of the quest. If you went to Januszkiewicz’s room to get the key before the A.I. asked you to then you will be stuck: When I lay down in the “Bio-Reconstruction Chamber” in the Medbay at Lazarus I’m stuck at the loading screen “Synchronizing” and “Initalizing Neurocore A…” and the blue ball is moving but still nothing is happening. So, if you lay down in the Lazarus bed the game should react to: 1) you opened the MedBay because you know the key from previous savegame (or you went to Dr. Januskiewiecz’s room before it was meant to be) or 2) you didn’t meet the A.I. and therefore there is no meaning in laying down in the bed

Development Comment:
Thank you for the detailed explanation, I’m currently working on this issue, and will send the fix as soon as possible.

Development Comment #2:
We discovered that the error with the game hanging on the loading screen was related to the newer version of the Engine we transfer the project on, we believe that it’s entirely fixed with the new game updated but cannot guarantee it if by any chance this error (being stuck in the loading screen) reappears please inform us as soon as possible.

Growbed: Amount of inserted Biowaste not being saved

After reloading save file the amount of inserted biowaste is always zero, so any added biowaste is gone.

Development Comment:
Thank you for the report. Fix, will be available in a few hours on Midway Branch.

Nutrino Box has the picture from Nutrino Bar

in my inventory i have some nutrino boxes and some nutrino bars but they have the same picture – it seems that the nutrino box is useing the picture from nutrino bar Penkura midway branch V0.2.0 MW11.3

Development Comment:
Thank you for the report Ferlione, fixed, I will release the patch later today, with this and a few other improvements. 

Dematerialization starts without CAT in place

I had to plan a lot of buildings (corridors, medbay and so on) – i want to dematerialize 2 Atmospheric Vaporator – so i select one Vaporator after another and select \”request for dematerialization\” – CAT will not du this because it want to build the pending buildings, so i set each other building to \”awaiting construction\” – i saw that one Vaporator disappears lik it would be dematerialized from CAT but CAT was at an other place – so?? Now CAT moves to the empty place and cannot dematerialize the Vaporator because it is not here anymore. After saving the game and load them again CAT continoues with other work, that fine. Penkura Midway branch V 0.2.0 MW 11.3

Development Comment:
Thank you for the report Ferlione, that is a very interesting bug, I will look into this immediately, thank you for the detailed explanation.

Development Comment:
Fixed, once again thank you for the report Ferlione.

Stuck in Story with SARA

I woke up at Lazarus Station after fresh start. SARA is calling via holocall. I answered and speak to her. I stuck in the story with SARA, she will not accept any answers and I can not exit this. Please see screenshot https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2842268683 Penkura Midway Branch V 0.2.0 MW 11.1 by the way – the Lazarus station look awesome

Development Comment:
Thank you for the report. I’m currently investigating this bug.

Development Update:
Found the problem, and fixed it, I will add a fix to the upcoming patch. Once again thank you for the report.

Buiding q not showing rite info

the q is fukk i=of things that where allready built

Development Comment:
Thank you for the report Jrok, I’m currently looking into it.

Updated the Construction Queue list with new features, overall the system should work better, in the future update, it will be moved to another place and improved further (to work with new build features). The fix is available in Midway Patch 0.2.0 MW 11.2.

Mission: The Unknown Mist and the following Dust

Mission: The Unknown Mist and the fallowing Dust should be “following” Penkura Midway Branch V0.2.0 MW10.1

Development Comment:
Thank you for the report Ferlione, fixed, fix will appear in update 10.2.

Stuck at Storyline part 2

https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2800524998 I build up the 6 solar panels and the 3 energy storages – i was waiting for the 100k Power – I spoke to Sara and started the power surge – I entered the conversation to Sara in following way: 1 – I am ready to do it …. 1 Sara! 1 1 1 1 2 3 4 Sara did not speak anymore and I can not click anything – nothing happens – I can not exit this situation – in the archive you can see what i have clicked and this is still alive – i have to stop and reload the game Penkura Midway build V 0.2.0 MW10

Development Comment:
Thank you for the report Ferlione, fixed, fix will appear in update 10.1.

Save game when it should not be possible

You can save you game in situation where it should be not possible – start game – for this example i use the situation in front of the tram – the character stays in front of the opened door from the tram – press escape and select \”save neurocore – press escape again and enter the tram – the door is closing and the tram starts – press escape – save neurocore is grey and there is some text \”special events detected. Cant save at this moment\” – but you can save because the save window is visible. You can make strange things when you save the game in such situations 😉 This works in all \”special event\” situations. Penkura Midway Branch 0.2.0 MW 9.22

Development Comment:
Thank you for the report Ferlione. I fix it and a few other ways of going around this. It will be available in Midway Branch 9.23.