The M.M.C battery goes low

When i craft some items through the m.m.c the energy goes low and i don’t know how to refill energy. The only way i found was to close the game and restart it, missed i something on how refill energy on the m.m.c ?

Development Comment:
M.M.C just like C.C.C both uses energy from the same source, which is the main base power source. You charge that energy with Solar Panels or Magnetic Wind Turbines. They do refill as fast or as slowly as your base power production.

I did some testing, and restarting the game is not refilling energy at M.M.C (checked with a few of the testers to make sure I’m not the only one not seeing this problem), base most likely manages to produce some of that energy back. In case you will still have a problem with your game, always feel free to contact me at:

Discord LINK:>
or directly by email LINK:>

To minimize confusion in the future, I will update the UI to tell players directly that it’s BASE energy just like it’s a BASE hydrogel.

Snap-to-Grid and Cursor Problem

Main Buildings do not snap to grid (e.g., extension modules) – can only build free-standing buildings.

Modules can connect to other Modules, but Modules do not connect to Main Buildings.

Cursor un-responsive / glitchy when operating the Command Control Communications Station. Have to exit & re-enter station multiple times to get the cursor to work.



Development Comment:
This problem requires more testing, I’m unable to reproduce this error, nor any of the testers have ever found and/or reported this issue before. I will keep testing RTS system extensively and try to find the error. Once again thank you for the report.

We improved CCC mouse control and camera control. This should fix reported problems, fix available in 0.2.0 MW 1.2

Character Jump not possible

If you take the Tram to the Gemini Temple and you exit the tram than the character can not jump (space). After a while (50 seconds) the character can jump again.
Went agian into the Tram and the Character can not jump again.

Development Comment:
Fixed it will be added to the fix for tomorrow’s patch. 

Ammo glitch

When unloading the starting pistol ammo goes from say 40 to 900ish
Also not sure if its related but after this bug happens but when accessing corpse inventory all all items are gone


Development Comment:
Thank you for the report, I manage to fix all the problems with the corpse inventory, and weapons reload function. Fix will be available in the upcoming midway patch. 

Menu Screen buttons off to side

2560×1440 monitor

On load, menu buttons are off to side far enough that I can’t read the text.

Development Comment:
This issue should have been fixed in Midway Patch 5, I’m contacting you via provided email for more information. 

bug and other

build some module->save game->load game->ghosting
(arrow survive)
I can’t select the module
but I give resource, working and finish
⁕character UI very long, the UI outside
my monitor left and right
my save game food resource empty I think need farm or other
I used google transform language

Development Comment:

“` build some module->save game->load game->ghosting
(arrow survive)
I can’t select the module
but I give resource, working and finish “`

I’m currently looking into this.

⁕character UI very long, the UI outside
my monitor left and right “`

Minor adjustments to the character UI. (will be added in the upcoming Midway Patch).

“` my save game food resource empty I think need farm or other “`

I was unable to replicate this issue. I will check the code just in case to find a possible issue.

Thank you for the report.


Scrolling the SDS screen

When scrolling up and down when using the SDS, text becomes very difficult to read and is somewhat hard on the eyes, especially if you are reading long paragraphs.

Development Comment:

This is the same issue as with ghosting (anti-aliasing) for the moment this can’t be fixed till a newer updated version of anti-aliasing is available in the Unreal Engine 5.
In the meantime, we will add a possible solution to the problem, by removing the scroll and adding the switch page function.
Navigation will be a little bit harder but it will much easier on the eyes.

Update: We were able to create our own Anti Aliasing system that works only on 3d UI, it should stabilize text when scrolling. The solution is not yet fully developed but it’s much better than what it was by default, for the moment this issue will be treated as resolved till Unreal Engine 5 with new AA is available. 

Field of View issues

When using high FoV, monitors can be quite difficult to read as the text is quite small. If possible, have locked FoV whenever using them that offsets higher FoV values used by the player.

Development Comment:

Fixed, will be available in Patch 0.1.9

SDS Disappearing

When in Base 4 Command Center, SDS monitor not accessible from all angles, only from right-hand side of desk and only in specific areas.

Development Comment:

Fixed, will be available in the upcoming patch 0.1.9.

Mouse sensitivity somehow linked to FPS?

Locking frame rate to different values will result in huge changes to the mouse’s sensitivity – lower FPS => more sensitive mouse.

Development Comment:

We were able to decouple all movement inputs from the frame rate, not only from the mouse but also from the keyboard. The game will no longer take frame rate into account when changing player position and mouse input. Fix will be available in patch, thank you for the report.