Stuck at Storyline part 2 I build up the 6 solar panels and the 3 energy storages – i was waiting for the 100k Power – I spoke to Sara and started the power surge – I entered the conversation to Sara in following way: 1 – I am ready to do it …. 1 Sara! 1 1 1 1 2 3 4 Sara did not speak anymore and I can not click anything – nothing happens – I can not exit this situation – in the archive you can see what i have clicked and this is still alive – i have to stop and reload the game Penkura Midway build V 0.2.0 MW10

Development Comment:
Thank you for the report Ferlione, fixed, fix will appear in update 10.1.

Can not continue storyline.

Sara will not talk to me about Rail station gate being locked

Development Comment:
Hello Raziel, MonoRail Station mission and dialogs around it will be added after the upcoming patch. The upcoming patch is about Med-Center, and the patch after it is MonoRail Station Mission, Dialogs, and a new game function. Patches after that will allow players to use the MonoRail Station to explore new zones. I will mark this as INPROGRESS and switch it to FIXED when the patch with new dialogs and mission is released. 

game does not start

Hello. The game does not start, a message pops up: the entry point for the CreateDXGIFactory2 procedure was not found in the dxgi.dll library.
I have win7, directx 11 (dxdiag does not report any problems), firewall (HIPS) or antivirus are not blocking the game.



Development Comment:

This is a known issue with the Unreal Engine 4.25, (appearing in some versions of Windows 7) I’m already contacting the Epic Games for the assistance with this bug.
Our own solution to the problem will be released in a few hours hopefully fixing this issue.