Stuck in Story with SARA
ID: 943Status: FIXEDVersion: N/AReport Date: July 30, 2022Product: Penkura Midway Branch

I woke up at Lazarus Station after fresh start. SARA is calling via holocall. I answered and speak to her. I stuck in the story with SARA, she will not accept any answers and I can not exit this. Please see screenshot https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2842268683 Penkura Midway Branch V 0.2.0 MW 11.1 by the way – the Lazarus station look awesome

Development Comment:
Thank you for the report. I’m currently investigating this bug.

Development Update:
Found the problem, and fixed it, I will add a fix to the upcoming patch. Once again thank you for the report.