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Modules and Main Parts have Power again after loading safegame
ID: 689Status: FIXEDVersion: In Date: May 31, 2021Product: Penkura

I build one T-1 Storage and some Corridor modules – after i while i had to safe power and i switched off the power from T-1 Storage and the Corridor modules. It will take a while till the power is away and then you can see at the display in the T-1 Storage taht there is 0% Power and the Corridor Modules have no light on.

Safe the game and make a reload – later in game i saw that the Corridor Module lights are on and also the light in T-1 Storage is on but the things are switched off as i can see in Base Construction.


Development Comment:
Thank you for the info. I will check the RTS system, and Save/Load system, it should be an easy fix.
Fix added to patch