Escape menu during intro
ID: 821Status: FIXEDVersion: 0.2.0 MW 8Report Date: February 10, 2022Product: Penkura Midway Branch

Start a new game – you see the Syncronizing picture – when this is loaded the the screen is slowly fading in from black to the transporter with the chief – when the scene is fading in press two times escape – you have now the intro and the menu at the left side – you can not continoue the story – you can only click buttons from escape menu. It is a bit tricky to reproduce but it is there. Penkura Midway Branch 0.2.0 MW 8

Development Comment:
Thank you for the report, you can still continue the story as dialog can be used with numeric keys (1,2,3….9), but the system was nonetheless improved. From now on, main menu will be turn off by default at the start of the dialog, BUT the player is still able to activate it, in case he wants to exit the game mid-dialog, load the game, or change options, he can than press ESC again to go back to the dialog. This change will be available in Penkura 0.2.0 Midway 9. 

One response to “Escape menu during intro”

  1. Ferlione says:

    If you had the escape menu in the intro one time – you will have it always active after fresh start as long as the game is not restarted.