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Avast Antivir always check Penkura-Win64-Shipping.exe after upgrade
ID: 855Status: FIXEDVersion: N/AReport Date: April 24, 2022Product: Penkura

It happens now the second or third time. After update and first start from Penkura, my Avast Antivir will check the Penkura-Win64-Shipping.exe dedected by “CyberCapture”. I can click exit at my antivir and the game runs normal. Penkura Midway build V0.2.0 MW 10

Development Comment:
Thank you for the report Ferlione. Indeed I heard from other devs that some Unity, Unreal, and Godot games provide this error, I will look into this but can’t say what I can do on my side to fix this.

I contacted Avast in as many ways as possible, but unfortunately, constantly getting automatic replies. I send them the specific data that other devs had in the past, and await their update. Besides that, I cannot do more. For the moment I will mark this as resolved but I will look into this further if more problems arrive with Avast.